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OM1 is available in flexible modules of 15m2 and then in multiples as the number of bays increase. Every mm is valued, storage is optimised, and the building can be completely relocated. By utilising a self-bracing, portal frame reverse veneer construction, and a simplified four-week, four-frame assembly process, OM1 significantly reduces the resources required for construction. The OM1 form is designed to be highly adaptable, allowing it to meet a range of user and site requirements. Optimal use of space and planning accuracy ensures a minimisation of waste categorised across all aspects of the project.

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made to measure


tailor to site 


quick build 

healthy living 

carbon neutral 



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3D tour OM1-3

Steps & Services

1. Design your OM1

2. Schedule a call or visit OM1

3. Book Consultation

4. Design sign-off

5. Contract signed

6. CDC or DA & CC

7. Approval and start of works