"For thousands of years, housing has been sustainable. Recently it is not. Dimensions X is a responsible future model - energy conscious architecture."

Peter Stutchbury Co-founder


Pedestrian co-founder Oscar Martin has teamed up with Australian architect Peter Stutchbury to reconsider the housing industry with planet-friendly, energy-efficient, and recyclable smart homes that are customised at the click of a button. Rich in spirit and aesthetics, Dimensions X seeks to encourage simple living in harmony with nature by integrating solar collection, battery power, low-energy fittings and water collection.

“Dimensions X is a considered reaction to traditional construction demands on land and resources. The waste and budget excess are far from planet friendly.”

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“I don't wish to live in a temporary box simply because that’s all I can afford. Neither do I want to rely on an uncertain future hoping one day I will be able to afford my dream home. Dimensions X provides versatile answers to accommodate needs and future goals. A forever home.”

Alejo de AchavalProject architect