We acknowledge Traditional Custodians of Country on this land called Australia. Their connectivity and relationship with Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon, Father Sky and Mother Earth. We respect the Elders and their culture. We carry this responsibility to the future.

energy architecture for community & planet

It’s reported that construction is responsible for up to 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. OM1 reduces inefficiencies in the building processes. We offer consumers a planet-friendly, architecturally designed, site-conscious build. The Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) construction method offers best-practice sustainability. A self-bracing, flexible structural system has been developed that adapts to site climate and spatial requirements. Fitout is pre-fabricated and efficient appliances can be supplied. OM1 can be customised as required.

'An architect-designed prefab house, called OM1, is both affordable and sustainable.’ Green Magazine 

'Climate considerations are causing prefab interest to grow “exponentially”' The Guardian

‘This prefab company in Australia wants to be the Tesla of home building.’ Dwell

'Small footprint homes to address issues of housing affordability and sustainability.' The Design Files

'A journey to create the world’s most planet-friendly sustainable architectural house.' SMH

‘OM1 is given its own identity, respects lifestyle and proposes possibilities for a new future.’ GA Houses Japan

‘OM1 puts flexibility into prefabricated design. It makes the beautiful economical. The quality is uncompromising, the detailing delightful and nuanced.’ AIA NSW House Commendation 2022 

‘Lead by a focus on how we live and engage with nature, this project allows purchases to tailor the system to best engage with their site whilst retaining the integrity of low footprint, low energy, affordable and thermally comfortable living.’  AIA NSW Sustainability Winner 2022

'A prime example of an interdisciplinary, sustainable, and socially progressive approach to prefabrication construction that achieves high architectural quality. The project’s design and construction process focuses on an efficient and sustainable economy of materials. An impressive outcome that highlights the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and creative potential of prefabrication.'  AIA NSW Small Project Award 2023

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OM1 Prototype